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5 Steps to Pick the Best TV Stand

You've got the television of your dreams, but now you need a place to put it. There is a different TV stand to match nearly any type of home decor. Before picking a TV stand, you should take into consideration the many different options available so that you don't end up regretting your decision.

Picking a TV Stand:

1. Measurements

Use a tape measure to determine the height, length and width of your TV to ensure it will fit in the TV stand you choose. Locate the area where you want to place the stand and measure out your total space to ensure you don't choose a stand that is too large.

2. Choose a sturdy stand with cable holes

Check to see if the stand includes holes to hide your cables as you run them from the TV to a wall outlet. Find the total weight capacity of the TV stand, too, to ensure it will securely hold your television. 3.Find the optimal viewing height Sit on whatever furniture you will be sitting in when watching your TV and find the general height where you want the TV to be positioned. Keep in mind that televisions are meant to be viewed directly straight ahead, with the viewer's eye level at the center of the screen. You should find a TV stand that matches this height.

3. Choose the stand color

Take into account the color of the TV stand and compare it to the color of both your TV and the color scheme in your living room or bedroom. Consider if a wood, metal or glass TV stand would be more attractive in your home.

4. Determine your storage needs

You may want to consider an entertainment center that also includes cabinets for holding DVDs, Blu-ray players or console game systems. Check to make sure the extra storage space has adequate ventilation or has a door that can be left open, if you plan on placing electronic devices that generate heat inside them.

5. Choose the stand's function

Consider a more stylish TV stand, such as an armoire-style stand, if you want to keep the television hidden when it's not in use. Go with a swivel style stand if you want to be able to easily rotate the television to be viewed from different angles.


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