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6 Tips To Choose the Best Colour Patterns

Find out about what colours should be used in your home and pick the best colours associations for your taste!

Choosing a colour palette for your interior is never easy. Here are our tips to choose the best combinations of colour and make your home exactly as you imagine it.

1. If you happen to have a patterned rug or other big piece of furniture, choose a colour you like from the pattern. If you want a more neutral and simple colour, choose a colour from that piece that is closest to white and beiges.

2. Start with the biggest rooms in your house. For example, you want to set your living room and dining room first, before smaller areas. Choose a colour scheme for your living room and pick one color from this scheme, to use in smaller areas for a more consistent home feeling. For instance, if you have a red sofa, you want to use red touches in a smaller room such as a bedroom.

3. Choose colors from dark to lighter in a vertical way. The safer way to pick colours for your floor and walls is always to have a floor darker than your walls and walls darker than your ceiling. The most common and safer setup would be for example dark wooden floors, beige walls and a white ceiling.

4. Get inspiration from the color you like to wear. If you hate wearing pink, there’s chances a pink sofa is not what you need. If red flatters your skin tone, consider having red touches here and there.

5. Take inspiration from the color wheel. Notice than blue and green colours are better for a relaxing and casual spaces, such as a bedroom, while red and oranges would work better in an active room.

6. There’s a rule known as 60-30-10 concerning room colors arrangement. Basically, you should divide your room in the space with 60% is a dominant colour (usually the walls), 30% a secondary colour (furniture such as tables or sofas) and 10% with an accent colour (accessories such as lamps or pillows). This rule works for every room and guarantee the right colour balance.

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