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5 Steps to Arranging Your Home for a Football Party

5 Steps to Arranging Your Home for a Football Party

This football season, consider bringing the huddle to your home. If you want to bring the game to your home and you aren’t sure how to set it up, here are some great tips to arrange your home for a football party.

Determine the number of people attending.

Arranging for a small party is very different from planning seating for 20 or more people. Your guest list should be the first step of planning your gathering so you can game-plan to avoid cramming too many people into a tight space. You want people to have room to jump up and move around when things get intense. The guest count will also be a crucial starting point for figuring out your party supplies.

Select The Seating.

Calculate your furniture needs based on party size and space available. Sofas create a more intimate seating arrangement as they force people to sit next to each other. They also offer flexible seating so more people can squeeze into a room. Arm chairs, side chairs and stools allow you to better control where individuals will sit and what direction they will face, and they can help break up space without being too large. The key is to find the balance between sofas and individual chairs. If your party is smaller, you may want to arrange your living room by facing couches and chairs in a semi-circle facing the TV so everybody can get a good seat for the game. If you have a larger room, taller seating options like bar chairs and a bistro table can make spaces further from the TV prime viewing spots.

Arrange the area to have ideal flow and space between areas.

Leave enough space between seats and tables for guests to walk freely. Using long, narrow tables against walls or wide circular tables in the center of a room will keep people moving and avoid overcrowding. If you can set up the food table in a room that is tucked away from the TV, it will encourage the flow of the snack action without getting in the way of any heated game excitement.

Great parties offer lots of places for guests to wander, socialize, and get comfortable. If your house is not laid out for entertaining on a daily basis, you can rearrange your furniture to make it more party-friendly. This is also the time to move especially breakable or valuable things to the bedroom. The less knick-knacks on table surfaces the better, when snacks and drinks are on the menu.

Add Flat Surfaces.

A comfortable space needs side tables. You’ll want to provide enough surfaces for people to place their drinks or other items down comfortably. Try sitting in each seat and imagine trying to set down your food or drink (Now calculate the likelihood of the refreshment getting knocked over in the heat of an interception). If you are short on space but require lots of tables during a gathering, try nesting tables. They can be moved around when you have more people in the room but tuck neatly into one table when you don’t need them all.

Be Creative.

Having multi-functional furniture is the best way to succeed in your living room, regardless of the size of your football party. Ottomans can be tables or extra seating. Benches can store your breakables away from your friends who chest bump after a touchdown and provide additional seating at the same time. Nesting tables can be spread out throughout the space when more surfaces are required. During a party, you can remove the books from the bookshelves and set up a bar. You can make your living room a multi-use space by simply finding pieces that work several different ways.

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