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Sell, donate and get rid of stuff in the UAE

New year means annual clean up in our apartments! Whether you have tons of unwanted bags of clothes or want new furniture, there’s a few option to get rid of your things in Dubai. You have to get ready for the new year after all!

If you want to sell

The best way to get rid of your stuff while making money is to resell your goods. Cash Converters offers you the service of buying your used goods, so do not hesitate to send us an email with the pictures and descriptions of your goods at or go to I want to Sell.

If you want to donate

Charity is very important in the UAE and if you choose to get rid of your things by giving them away, there is several ways to do so in Dubai. Volunteer in UAE collects all things you are willing to give away, such as clothes and provides them to people in need when a crisis arises. If you own unwanted pet supplies or food, contact Feline Friends Dubai or K9 Friends.

Alternatively, if you have a lot to get rid of, you can contact Take My Junk UAE and get a free pick up of all your things. They will be repaired, sorted and given to people with lower income across the UAE.

If you are willing to just throw away unwanted items, make sure you consider which ones can be recycled.

If you have electronics to throw away, contact EnviroServe. They will recycle electronics parts and handle it properly.

Enjoy the clean-up and happy new year!

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