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The Hottest Colors for your House for 2016

Color-trend forecasters have spoken about the paint-color trends worthy of your walls for the New Year, and there's something for everyone, even several options for lovers of white. Read on to find out what shades top paint companies think you should spend your hard-earned cash on in 2016.


Can white be a color trend? Yes, say experts at Benjamin Moore Color Studio, where researchers found the versatile hue in both traditional and modern spaces. "The color white is transcendent, powerful, and polarizing," says creative director Ellen O'Neill. The company's forecast includes many shades of white, with Simply White OC-117 front and center.


There's more than one industry player placing the spotlight on gray. Kelly-Moore Paints selected Horizon Gray KM4858 after a survey of interior designers and members of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). "Within the 2016 palette, we see a shift from cleaner, high chroma colors, to more softened, calmer colors," says manager of color marketing Mary Lawlor. She notes that the shade works especially well in (but shouldn't be limited to) bedrooms and living areas.

Cappucino White:

Glidden also points to a shade of white as 2016's noteworthy trend. The company's experts agreed on Cappuccino White (45YY 74/073) as a delicate, creamy neutral that creates a peaceful calm in any space. Here, it complements a light neutral in a bright, airy kitchen.

Blue Cloud:

Pretty much the exact opposite of a creamy neutral, this unapologetic blue gets the nod from Olympic. The brand named Blue Cloud (D48-5) color of the year for its sparkling and deep undertone that resembles the ocean on a clear day. The staging in this bedroom may be too bold for some, so experts recommend mixing the bright hue with neutral tones.


Green is another calm tone getting a lot of love this year. PPG The Voice of Color selected the serious green of Paradise Found (PPG1135-5) as their color of note. The quiet shade fits in perfectly with natural environments, demonstrated in this charming patio.


If you crave something dark but fear black, Annie Sloan has the green for you. She singled out Olive as one of her favorite richer colors perfect for 2016. "The trend is away from brown furniture and brown kitchens—I love how people are embracing these cool, dark colors to update their kitchen cabinets," says Sloan.

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