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4 Ways To Best Pick An Engagement Ring

For some men, picking the ring that might make or break their relationship is extremely scary, so we put together this guide to put all chances on your side.

Here are 4 ways to best choose your engagement ring:

Trust your eyes

Check for an 'eye-clean' diamond, rather than 'flawless'. Most so-called "flaws" occur naturally in diamonds and can't be viewed by the human eye–no one will see what it is you're paying so

much for.

Buy Certified

All diamonds are not created equal. Don't spend your money until you've seen certification by at least one independent grading agency.

Forget the 3-month adage

The old rule that guys should budget three months of their salary for the perfect engagement ring is not relevant anymore. Try instead to make a budget and stick to it.

Don't compromise on the cut

There are Four C's in diamond-shopping: cut, color, clarity and carat. You should worry more about the cut rather than the size, because a diamond on a really sparkly and brilliant ring will appear bigger than a bigger, lower-cut quality diamond.


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