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42 or 50 Inch: Which TV Size Should You Buy?

High-definition televisions come in a range of designs and sizes, from small flatscreens that are ideal for the bedroom to vast sets that are better suited for a home-cinema experience. Both the 42 inch and 50 inch varieties would be considered to belong to the upper mid-range of TV sizes and as such can both be considered to be fairly versatile options. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, and understanding them is important when looking to make a suitable choice.

42 Inch TVs These televisions measure 42 inches (105 centimetres) across the screen from opposite diagonal corners and offer an excellent viewing experience. These televisions are fairly large.

There are many benefits to such a TV. It is perhaps the ideal size to make the most of high definition, as it’s not too large to lose the focus of the visuals but still big enough to make it impressive in terms of scale. In addition, these have a key benefit over TVs in the 50 inch or above range as they are less likely to dwarf their setting and, in terms of practicality, will be easier to fit into a restricted space or onto a stand or table. For the perfect 42 inch TV Argos has a great range and all at excellent value.

50 Inch TVs These televisions measure 50 inches (125 centimetres) across diagonally and therefore create an exceptionally large home-TV set-up. They are the largest of the standard range and anything bigger than 50 inches would be considered specialist. Certainly a screen of this size would easily form the centrepiece of any room, let alone any home entertainment system.

The advantages of such a large screen are obvious – a fully immersive viewing experience and a great richness of colour, as well as good definition and picture quality. It is important to remember that a large screen can overshadow the other features of a room and on such a scale certain aspects of the image can be lost. However, as more and more technological developments are made this issue is becoming less of a factor. To learn more and explore the options available, click here for a 50 inch TV.

So, when it comes to televisions it is evident that size does indeed matter. However, both the 42 inch and 50 inch TVs are able to offer much to viewers and the decision has to be made very much on a personal basis. For those who have a large space to fill and want a television that dominates the room and offers a grand spectacle every time it is turned on, the 50 inch is a safe choice. For those with a more limited space and who favour crispness and definition of image over sheer size, the 42 inch is ideal. Both options have their pros and cons and the choice involves careful consideration.


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