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4 Tips to Choose the Best Sofa Colour for your Living Room

Nothing would make a grander statement than a huge piece of furniture in a color that catches the eye. Will it be a neutral beige, or a stark black, or a bright red, or a subtle blue? Your comfort with the colors in that space makes others around you comfortable. That is why, YOUR choice of color and YOUR comfort with it, for a piece of furniture as big as a sofa is imperative.

Which color sofa should you buy for your living room? Here's some help.

See all our available sofas here! Go for a Neutral Color if ...

You are conservative in your decorating taste and prefer to decorate with accessories that can be changed often. You have very dark walls, and need a piece of furniture to counter the lack of brightness in the room. Quick Tip: Don't always try to break the monochromatic color scheme of a sofa with accessories. If done well, monochromatic schemes can transform a dull living room to a classy and elegant one. Go for a Light Color if ...

You dislike regular neutrals and want to slowly start experimenting with colored furniture. You have a small and dull living space that you want to brighten up with a statement sofa. Quick Tip: Still getting used to the color? Use lots of cushions to contrast the base sofa color, and a throw to cover the sofa, so you get just a glimpse of the sofa color and are not overwhelmed by it. When you are ready for the color, get rid of the throw to reveal the beauty that your sofa is. Go for a Dark Color if ...

You have toddlers and a lot of traffic in your living room. You have a huge living room and want to create a cozy seating area. There is enough light in the room, both natural and artificial. Quick Tip: To break the monotony and heaviness of dark colors, have one light-colored piece of furniture to balance the dark furniture. This could be an ottoman, a single armchair, or even a light-colored coffee table. Go for a Bold Color if ...

You want to showcase your vibrant personality through your décor. You are confident that you can bear the boldness of color for a long time to come. Quick Tip: Get a neutral sofa and experiment with colorful slip covers to add the desired color to the sofa and the living room.

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