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10 Things You Need in Your Kitchen

10 Things You Need in Your Kitchen

For years, the all-white kitchen topped all the trends but the past couple of years has seen a move towards natural materials and colourful minimalism.

So what does one need to put together a kitchen which is functional and flamboyant?

We list the 10 essentials which will help you create a cool culinary corner.

1. Corner Sinks

Compact corner sinks make an ideal solution for small urban kitchens.

Most kitchens don’t utilize the corner for anything more than a countertop, so this fresh twist is making a triumphant entrance into kitchen design.

2. Maximum Minimalism

The trend has been around for some time but the basic, streamlined look, championed by the Scandinavian school of design is here to stay.

Solid slabs of marble, strips of glass, monochrome fittings and accessories will keep your kitchen a clutter-free, cool space.

3. Colourful Backsplashes

Kitchens are yearning for a sip of excitement which is why interesting and bright splashbacks are growing in popularity.

Look for tiles with interesting patterns or recreate a rainbow over your sink with exotic designs. Keep the rest of the kitchen minimalistic to prevent overkill.

4. Sconce Lighting

Hidden spots and corners are being brought back into the light with sconce illumination.

Directional sconce lighting will also be a winner in smaller spaces or go for an elaborate piece if you have the space for it.

5. Black Is Back

Fittings like black countertops, made of granite or quartz, look beautiful in contrast with a cool white interior.

Be it a glossy or a matte finish, black oozes a timeless appeal and is an especially good colour in the kitchen as it does not show wear and dirt easily.

6. Open Shelf Policy

Kitchen cabinets will always be useful in kitchens, but now we’re seeing a trend towards open shelving.

Why hide away those eye catching plates and pans behind closed doors when you can show them off.

7. Metal Marvels

Stainless steel and chrome once had the sole reign of the kitchen but if you want an up-to-date space, warmer metals such as brass and copper are great options.

Be it handles, trims or bold brass hoods, add a metallic touch to your kitchen this season.

8. The Great Wall

Natural tones and textures are sweeping across all interior design hemispheres and the kitchen is no exception. And an exposed brick wall is the perfect backdrop for your fun fittings.

Brick veneer adds a rustic feel to the space while exposed old natural beams, lend it the much coveted look of industrial minimalism.

9. Herbal Helpers

A herb garden is not only for farmhouses, even urban kitchens can accommodate one with some clever planning.

Use the window sill or use hanging planters to grow essentials like mint and coriander.

10. Quirky Minis

The true design connoisseur knows that beauty lies not in the big picture but the small details. To give your kitchen a unique personality, rely on the minions to create magic.

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