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5 Hacks to Create the Best Home Office

5 Hacks to Create the Best Home Office

You’re far more likely to be productive in a space that you enjoy. Here are some tips on how to create a work area that suits your needs.

Creative Zone

For a casual, creative atmosphere, seek out interesting pieces in second-hand stores – think upholstered chairs, desktops with character or old-fashioned bureaus. Choose accessories that are attractive enough to be left out on display, such as old timber boxes.


Lighting should both set the atmosphere and perform efficiently. Ideally, you should combine good overhead illumination with a desk lamp or wall-mounted light. Natural brightness is a must during the day, but be careful to position the monitor away from glare.

Intergrated Office

A home office that occupies an awkward space – such as within another room, in a hallway or beneath stairs – presents unique challenges. Careful planning is vital: take measurements of the space and ensure that desks, chairs and freestanding storage will all fit comfortably, while allowing you room to move around.

Sophisticated space

The type of work you do will largely dictate the look of your office, but there are things you can do to add style. If you want a sophisticated office space that blends with your whole home, today’s technology is your new best friend. It’s sleek, small and less obtrusive than ever before, so your desktop computer or laptop needn’t visually monopolise.

Organised hub

Shuffling through a sea of papers is a waste of energy and a serious impediment to maintaining a stylish space. Instead, focus on creating a practical storage system that allows you to find things instantly. Once you’ve de-cluttered and are left with the things you really do use, then you can evaluate the type and size of storage needed.

A mix of sizes will work best – such as large filing drawers, stackable boxes with labels and small drawers for stationery.

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